e) Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates (not to be confused with Energy Performance Contracts) are documents containing statistics about the energy consumption and efficiency of a building or facility.

Energy Performance Certificates will enable facility owners or managers to assess and communicate the energy performance of particular facilities or buildings. Consequently owners and managers will be able to identify energy efficiency interventions that will reduce energy consumption, energy costs and GHG emissions from buildings. Therefore, Energy Performance Certificates are considered as drivers of energy efficiency for buildings because they can provide information on the energy performance of buildings and they can be used as tools to track the energy efficiency of buildings overtime.

Once the regulations are promulgated (estimated at mid 2016) Energy Performance Certificates will have to be displayed only in government buildings that have a floor area greater than 1000m2. However, this regulation will be extended to the commercial sector by 2020. Currently Energy Performance Certificates are recommended for buildings which already comply with SANS 10400 (The Application of the South African National Building Regulations).

It is anticipated that Energy Performance Certificates will be completed by external assessors. Upon completing the assessment of the building's energy consumption, the assessor will submit the Energy Performance Certificate application to the national Building Energy Performance Register (BEPR), which will be established and managed by the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI). The BEPR can be utilised to support policy development by government and building. After submission to SANEDI for inclusion into the BEPR, the Energy Performance Certificates is issued. However, should there be alterations and improvements to the building, new Energy Performance Certificates with the updated energy information will be have to be issued. The cost of obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate is estimated to range between R10 000- R20 000 which will be valid for 5 years.
Image of an Energy Performance Certificate issued in terms of SANS 1544