a) How do I conduct M&V?

Measurement and Verification (M&V) is the process for quantifying energy efficiency savings, by determining the quantity of energy consumed and developing a baseline or baseline adjustments. M&V methods are also used to measure and verify in a distinct manner, energy savings achieved from the implementation of an energy efficiency initiative designed to improve the energy use of a specific buildings or facility. 

The South Africa National Standard for Measurement and Verification of Energy Savings have been developed with the intention of provide a standard approach to measurement and verification of
energy savings and energy efficiency (SANS 50010). The SANS 50010 M&V standards will improve the implementation of EPC contracts within public facilities because it provides specifications for determining the baseline and how M&V should be conducted and it ensures that the service provider conduction the M&V is part of an accredited body.


"The easiest way to ensure that effective and reliable M&V takes place in the energy intervention is to require the M&V to comply with SANS 50010."